Water Damage

Types of Damages Caused to Homes by Flood Water

There are various damages that might occur to your home or building because of sudden flood water that might overflow inside the structure. There might be damage to your personal belongings and furnishings. You might often find that these damages occur within a few minutes after the flood water enters your room and in some cases the flood water takes some time to cause the problems which occur slowly.

The water damage should not be ignored as the damages can worsen much before even the 24 hours has passed. Therefore, it is important that you should consult a professional water damage restoration organization quickly as soon as you find that your home or building is suffering from the water related damages.

The First Hour of Damage

The first hour damage is difficult to prevent as it occurs very quickly. But most of the time you would find that these are minor or less serious issues than those that occur later. These problems are not of much concern than the other problems that can occur if there is long water exposure or if the water is not removed quickly from the house.  Initially your house can suffer from carpet staining and also damage to the drapes and the furniture. There might be permanent damage to the furniture which is moisture sensitive. The books, documents and other paper goods can also suffer permanent damage.

The First 24 Hours of Damage

If the exposure to water lasts for 24 hours then there are many additional damages that can occur and these damages might not be completely irreversible. They can lead to more serious problems along with damages that might have severe health-related consequences if the water is not extracted on time. The damages that might occur at this time include the delimitation and swelling of the furniture legs and also the disintegration and swelling of wood furnishings along with decorative items. Another problem would be the bacterial odor along with strong normal household odors and also the tarnishing of the uncoated metal surfaces.

The First Week of Damage

If the water continues to stay for a week then there would be more hazardous problems. These damages would cause your permanent problems to your furnishings and other household belongings, not to mention the extreme health problems. Also the problem would now mean structural damage to the walls as well as the floors. The other problems that can occur during the first week can be the growth of the mildew as well as heavy mold and the constant presence of the musty odor and mold spores.

The otherwise dry walls would first swell and then start to disintegrate and the uncoated metal surfaces would start to have the signs of rust. The wood doors and window casings would get distorted and delimited as well as swelled. The studs and the splitting of the wood decking would also distort and warp. Worse affected would be the electronic components which would start malfunctioning; the musical instruments would also swell and warp as a part of the water damage.

So it is important to utilize water extraction to save houses from these damages that are caused by the flood water.

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